PICTURES FROM THE ALBUM : Truck 2002  -- DATE : 03/09/2008

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Pictures of my truck shortly after purchase with a new and improves stereo and light system  
Background photoshoped green/yellow. Notice in the background I haven't even started work on the koi pond yet.  
Background photoshoped to a cool red.  
On the little road over by the pond.  
Another side view on the road from the house to the barn.  
Custom amp rack I build with glass floors to allow the neon to shine up through. Three amps with about 750 watts RMS.  
Console I built to replace the drop down drink tray. Holds custom switches, BBE unit, two EQs and a few other things.  
Rear black lights, strobes and top mounted tweaters.  
Daylight view of the wet okoli seat covers. These things are expensive but they rock!  
Entire light and sound system before install.  
K&N cold air intake.