PICTURES FROM THE ALBUM : Bathroom 2008  -- DATE : 01/20/2009

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Old shower in center. Sink/Toilet just to left. Open area is extra closet space from adjoining bedroom that's being cannibalized.  
View of new closet area from the new shower/tub area. Vent pipe to be removed and new HVAC ducting in background.  
Shower finally demolished with sledgehammer. Removed old basin and bad wood as well as wall studs to make opening for new tub/shower.  
Flooring repaired under old shower and around toilet flange/pipe.  
Roughing in new PVC plumbing for new sink location.  
Wet wall for new shower/tub.  
Shower/tub installed and rough drywall in place.  
Rough Drywall  
Pre painting. Drywall work complete  
Drywall Complete  
Drywall complete around sink area.  
Completed drywall looking at entrance door and the two closets.  
Five coats of paint. Two coats of white primer. Sponge coat of darker blue. Sponge coat of light blue. Last coat.. sponge coat of white.  
Finished painting.  
Finished painting. New ceiling fixture, dual IR heater and exhaust fan.  
Starting the tile job  
Tile set into floor.  
Ready for bottom row of wall tile  
Tile grouting completed  
Tile job finished and sealed.  
Tile job around tub  
Bathroom pretty much done.  
All fixtured,mirrors etc up and connectd.  
Finished shower.