Thursday, 6 March 2008
Its March. Yay.
Ok, so its March. Hmm still not too sold on the whole blog thing. I guess it gives me a moment of pause to reflect. So thats kinda good I think.

Stocks are down, that sucks bad. I think we might be recession headed which, as I alluded to, sucks bad.

It is however warming up. A good bit of weed and grass killer has been sprayed everywhere and I should be able to start tilling the garden and de-thatching the lawn. (Yeah I know you all wanna hear about that.) I desperately need a new tiller so if I play my cards right I might be able to afford one by the end of the month

I also finally managed to destroy the last remnants of the old shower in the guest bathroom. Hauled all the debris, about 1,500 lbs worth, off to the dump today. Next comes building the "cove" for the new tub/shower and taking up the old flooring. Well thats it for now. Later.
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